Welcome to Just Kilt Me where we have the largest selection of on hand, made to measure, custom kilts,   We have over 200 and counting tartan choices and are always adding new ones of which many are exclusive to us,  All of our kilts are woven by our Tartan Partners in Pakistan, they have been in the business for over 50 years; the loom is all hand strung with no computers involved, woven under the guidance of the Master Weaver who was trained in Scotland! All tartans are made of Acrylic Wool, the same material jumpers aka sweaters are made from,  are 15 to 18 oz (depending what tartan) the care is easy  please see the blog section for kilt care.  We do offer a very limited selection of Pure Wool kilts.  We also offer custom weaving of tartans.

Anyone can wear a kilt no matter of ancestry, if you have at least one European ancestor (and most everyone does) you are a descendant of 80%  of everyone who was alive 900 years ago, that means somewhere in your tree is a Scottish clan.  It is called the identical ancestor point.    Typically one starts with the closest Clan in your tree and work your way back, once you are related to one you are pretty much related to them all either by marriage or ancestry.  The Balfour’s, Stewart’s, MacDonald’s, Campbell’s and Fraser’s were the most prolific but also well known for illegitimate children.   If you are Welsh, Irish, English, French you have closer Scottish Ancestors.  Even if you do not know what clan you are related from we can help you as I am a historian and genealogist;  you can also just choose a tartan by colour or just appeals to you.  Kilts are the original Unisex wear.

My personal kilt journey started several years ago, I knew of some Welsh and Scottish ancestors prior but it has been a 40 year plus journey of discovering ancestors and the amazing people I am descended from.  Royal Houses and Nobility abound along with numerous peerages (such thing are in your ancestry too) .  I started with Royal Stewart (the most popular) and soon collected more.  I now have over 100 and counting much to my husbands shagrin.  I wear a Kilt everyday no matter the weather!! 

Just Kilt Me was started from me originally just wanting to do PR for a kilt company (as my 32 years in Public Relations is my main job) and no kilt shop would listen to my ideas.   So I decided to do it myself, after 6 months of a tonne of crap kilts and bad workmanship I found great Mill Tartan Partners to work with.  

We also offer select tee shirts and apothecary items with more on the way; we offer  custom argyll jackets too.   

Our main goal is to have a brick and mortar shop eventually.

Thanks for reading~  Happy Kilting 


Allen, Earl of Dunbar & Lothian