Welcome to Just Kilt Me where you will find custom made Killer Kilts and branded custom apparel.  People often ask what Tartan can I wear?  Am I culturally appropriating if I wear a Kilt and I am not Scottish or Irish.. The answer to both … you can wear whatever tartan you like and no. Sure there are some sticklers out there who say only wear X kilt but be told if you look back into ancestry it really doesn’t matter.  At a minimum you have over 4000 10th great grandparents, lines crossover all the time and you will find if you go back even several generations your parents are distantly related cousins. With most of your friends you will find out that you are related to each other somewhere in the last 300 years.  If you go back 1000years and you have at least one European Ancestor you are descended from 80% of everyone who was alive in Europe at the time and that accounts for the 20% who left no descendants. The video link easily describes this, it is called the Identical Ancestor Point, “A genetic survey concludes that all Europeans living today are related to the same set of ancestors who lived 1,000 years ago. And you wouldn’t have to go back much further to find that everyone in the world is related to each other” https://youtu.be/15Uce4fG4R0

Another factor is the Veneti Tribe that came from Brittiany and settled across the British Isles then some of them went back to Brittiany 500 years later. You can read about them and the genetic study in the Tribe Within over at https://www.smashwords.com/ You get a Ebook copy for free with any kilt order

So somewhere in your wibbly wobbly twisty branches of your family tree and your DNA even how diluted is a Scot, Welshmen, Irishmen or another Celt and someone from the Kerrs, Campbells, Stewarts, Balfours, Camerons, etc etc. Either by direct descent, from a marriage of a distant aunt or uncle or some rather distant kin one way or another.  Clans married into other clans all the time, even ones that were mortal enemies of one another, add in the fact that so many numerous clans were founded by sons and sometimes daughters of one man. 

So if you want to get technical you’re entitled to wear any tartan you like because either directly or roundabout you are related to that clan. But where what appeals to you, what you feel drawn to, what you like. Remember Just Kilt It!

Al Baron Otter