Exude Confidence In A Kilt

Look handsome Gents in a kilt… too many now wear joggers aka sweat pants everywhere along with trousers and jeans that do not fit properly. From too tight to too baggy and most commonly the wrong fit for your body type. With a kilt you do not have to worry about any of those common problematic mistakes and that inner voice will not be chattering in you head (does this look ok? does this fit? How does how does it make my butt look? etc etc) . Tartans come in a variety of colours and patterns so don’t be afraid to explore the colour spectrum available to wear, as some men (gay, straight, bi, trans) can be afraid to go out of their comfort zone of colours they typically wear which are typically your base line colours because they think it doesn’t make them look manly, With a Kilt a vast rainbow of colours is the rule, most tartans have a minimum of 3 colour combinations whilst others have a lot more, so you can jazz up your wardrobe with out having to feel outside you fashion colour zone.

Putting on a kilt you will exude confidence, the fit will always be spot on as not only are they custom made to your exact measurement, there is some give in size too due to the adjustable straps on the side, so if you loose or gain a few pounds or even a stone (14 lbs) it will still fit and look good on you. Kilts are worn at you true waist, which at your bellybutton wear trousers were actually worn since their invention, where your grandfather and great grandfathers etc worn their trousers. It wasn’t until jeans became popular that trousers aka pants moved on down to the hips. There are Trews, of which Trousers are based upon, that are still worn high waist at the navel but can also be worn at the hips.

Another added benefit is your boys will breathe, you will get a wee up breeze!

About 95% of everyone you run into will compliment you on the Kilt, on how good you look, how handsome .. about 5% or less may make some snide comment about a skirt but odds like that can’t be said for anything people wear on a day to day basis. Face it people are prone to make poor fashion choices but when you wear a kilt it can never be said you made a bad choice of What To Wear.

To wrap it up the benefits of wearing a Kilt once a week or 7 days a week like I do…. Stylish…. A connection with the Past ..With Heritage * and most Important you will Exude Confidence! JKM goal is to Kilt The World!!!!!

* Note If you have ONE European ancestor in your ancestry ( and most people do) once you back 800 years 80 percent of everyone who was alive then is your direct ancestor. It is called the Identical Ancestor Point ~ that of course includes Scottish clans …. to add to that once you are related to one clan you are pretty much related to all of them either directly or indirectly