Important Information about our kilts and other products

Traditional 8 Yard Custom Made To Order Kilts .. Medium Weight  and Heavy Weight. Our Medium Weight Kilts are like everyone else’s Heavy weight  Our Heavy weight is more of the weight of a Traditional Wool Kilt.

The Medium Weight Tartans are Vegan Wool aka Acrylic the same material sweaters are made of

The Heavy Weight Tartans are a mix of acrylic and real wool

Kilts.. Trousers… Argyl and Prince Charlie Vests and Jacket… Sporrans…  Belt Buckles..

Ties and Pocket Squares are all made at time of your order. Everything is custom made nothing comes off a pile of premade…  The only exception is our Welsh Dragon Sporrans that were exclusively custom made for JKM

How should I determine my kilt size?

These kilts are custom made to size with adjustable straps so you have room if you need it. Make sure to measure properly as there are no returns! Measure from your TRUE waist .. just about the middle at the belly button or just below your belly button… that is where the waist is and where you SHOULD wear your kilt. DO NOT wear your kilt at the hip waist (fun fact: all men’s trousers used to be at the traditional real waist). Take a measuring tape and go around your middle and read what it says on the tape. The average length of kilts are 24 inches long, but if you are shorter or extra tall they can be longer or shorter. Take a measure taking hold of it from your true waist and let it dangle down to about just above your knee; it can go a wee further to the middle of your knee but personally I would not do this.
All kilts come with belt loops and hangers if you so choose to hang up your kilts.
Please be accurate as possible before submitting as there are NO refunds on kilts.

What is the difference between kilt styles?

Traditional kilts are mid to heavy weight traditional stitching pleats. Utility kilts are heavier more material and have pockets. You can see a visual representation here.


For kilt weights:

13oz is a medium weight poly-cotton blend
16oz is heavy weight Hybrid wool and polycotton blend

How do I care for my kilt?

You can dry clean, however, recommend machine wash on gentle cycle in a mesh laundry bag. Hang dry or dry flat. Touch up with a warm iron, acrylic setting, if needed. Kilts have hand stitching, so use care. You can also hand wash using the same drying instructions.

How are shipping costs determined?

Up to two kilts can be mailed Priority Mail in the USA for $19.95. Any additional kilt will add a $10 shipping charge. If you are only purchasing an accessory such as a belt or sporran, choose the $8 Priority Mail envelope option instead. Ties are add-on items only, so they are only available to add to your cart after having added a kilt, vest, or trousers. However, no shipping fees are added when purchasing ties or other add-on items.