Kilt Basics from JKM

Some Kilt Basics   from JK

This kilt is all traditionally hand cut and made. The kilt maker spends a lot more time preparing the cloth, chalking and marking the tartan before cutting out the kilt to the exact template. Like any craftsperson the better preparation and time taken, the better the job. 95% of all our 8 yard kilt sales are in super finish. This kilt has 3 buckles and straps, canvas and lining with 2 belt loops and approximately 23 good knife pleats. At the back of the top of the kilt pleats there is hardly any stitching to be seen. This kilt takes longer to make due to the pleats being stitched from inside. Some parts of the kilt, like buckles and straps are machine stitched for added strength. These kilt makers are much older with 25 or more years of experience in the art of kilt making. Our Mill has been weaving and making tartans for over 60 Years …. .  Mass produced kilts are all even because they use automatic cutters and big machines  Sometimes the apron or front is wavy a wee bit but it will not affect the way it lays out when worn. It is a sign that your kilt is not mass produced on a machine but by an actual craftsman. NONE of our kilts are mass machine made.

 Most Tartans come in:- Ancient: Soft lighter colours  Modern: Strong dark colours Hunting: Any of the above tartan usually with lots of green  Dress: Any of the above with lots of white through them Weathered or Muted: A faded and muted washed out dyed colour in any of the above tartan.

All of our kilts are acrylic wool and are 15 oz or 16 oz   We do not sell the cheap wimpy poly viscose tartans

All the Tartans we sell are woven by our Mill Partners  both who have been in business for over 50 plus years

As soon as you get your kilt hang it up on a trouser hanger (available on Amazon) this will help get the wrinkles out that happen in packing and delivery. It is unavoidable.  You can steam your kilt to get wrinkles out.   If you have a tonne of kilts you can fold them and put them in a drawer, just hang them up before you wear them and steam them to get rid of wrinkles

Kilts are made of acrylic wool the same material as jumpers as sweaters so after a while they can get fuzzy so just get a fabric shaver and give it a once over. That will keep your kilt looking proper.

If your kilt gets dirty you can spot clean it with a damp cloth otherwise they are dry clean only