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Do you have a Title somewhere in  your Tree?  Is there a Peerage in your Pedigree? Rather than go through the hassle of buying a new title which is completely legal in Scotland, why not claim one that already exists in your own family history.  There is a process that is called Right Of Claim to titles that are extant, dormant and even those that are extinct , especially ones that are feudal since those are by Writ and not patent.  Baron Otter a historian, researcher and genealogist along with being holder of several titles that he has by Right Of Claim will delve into your family tree to see what Title you can claim from those of Great Britain, Ireland and the whole of Europe including the former Byzantine Empire. Once a title has been found Lord Otter will guide you through the process of who to make that claim. 


A Historian and Genealogist Lord Otter has delved into his own family tree going back on some branches over 900 years. Sites like 23andMe and AncestryDNA are a great jumping point but only go back 6-8 generations or about 200 odd years, one also has to factor in that DNA washes out and you do not get equal amounts from each parent. 1% of a particular ethnicity is around 200 years ago so an ancestor that lived 400 years ago is not in your DNA but that does not discount the importance of that ancestor. There are more expensive DNA tests out there but those are not affordable to the general public that is where Genealogists and Historians come in to follow the paper trails (some branches leave paper trails better than others and the more important your ancestor was the more records exist,) 


Another factor is the etymology of surnames most did not exist until around 400-500 years ago before that there were clans (Scotland, Poland, Norse etc) which come from Tribes. There were also son of and daughters of, The Welsh are a great example and why there are so few Welsh surnames out there, some places in Wales did not adopt surnames until the early 20th century whilst ones closer to the border (and those that found them on the other side of the border in England after redrawing of lines) took on surnames.   When researching Welsh surnames after a few generations you have to go by location; also every Welsh person on some line is a descendant of Welsh Royalty.  To add a bit more in not only is everyone descended from Royalty but if you go back at least 900 years if you have just one European ancestor you are descent from 80% of everyone who was alive then; if you go back 2000 years everyone with one European ancestor is a descent of Mohammed; if you go back 3000 odd years everyone on the planet Earth except for remote areas are a descendant of Ramses The Great~  It is called the Identical Ancestor Point.


Whilst it is perfectly legal to buy a lordship in Scotland and Ireland and those do help conservation efforts why have something new, it is better to have a title that has a connection to your ancestry. You are not paying for a title, the cost covers the intense historical and genealogical research that needs to be done. We will keep digging until we find the connection be it Lordship, Ladyship, untitled Nobility, Royal House or Ducal house to a member of the Well born of the Old Brythonic North (with royal and ducal houses of the European continent it would be de. Von or Van)


You will get a breakdown of your connection to Right of Claim, we will help you with the proclamation of your claim (each country has a process of how to claim). In addition you will get a Coat of Arms designed by Lord Otter who is also a heraldic artists that is actually granted by on old Writ from 1417 that allows Feudal Lords to Grant arms


Once you have ticked Purchase we will be in contact for the information that we need to begin our research


Look forward to finding your Noble and or Royal Claim




Allen Balfour Geiner Baron of Otter, StrathOR and Gwyddelwern

Earl of Dunbar & Lothian 

Chief of Clan Balfour & Bethune, Commander of Ewen of Otter 

Prince of Maramures, Transylvania and Moldova 

Hereditary Prince of Saxony