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Have your own Coat of Arms actually granted  based on the history of your family…. designed by Lord Otter himself ~ Genealogist… Historian… Herald Artist!  Coming from a background of heraldist including numerous great grandfathers and uncles who where Heralds…. also  in the College of Arms and 2 Lord Lyon’s  Arms are granted for individuals, chiefs, clan branches, organisations, etc


Only individual armigers have coats of arms. Displaying another person’s arms is considered akin to identity theft and can be prosecuted by and before the Lyon court. As mentioned above, however, it is acceptable for a member of a clan to display their chief’s crest usually surrounded by a strap and buckle but  not necessary. In other European countries families and Royal houses, noble houses have arms and if you are a member of those you can display those arms (same with the UK and Ireland) but they are not your individual arms.

What is a Coat Of Arms…the distinctive heraldic bearings or shield of a person, family, corporation, or country.  Non-transferable … Unique ..collectible ..Art … An Arms Granted proves ownership of the art~ 


I only follow one rule when it comes to creating heraldry ….Each coat of arms should be unique

These are different VS what a heraldic artist does these arms are granted

A Coat Of Arms designed by an actual Lord… Baron Of Strathor ..genealogist~ historian ~ herald Artist   Heir to several feudal lordships .


design and grant arms under  The writ of 1417, , now in the Record Office (Close Roll, 5 Henry V. m. 15. dor), ,  only persons ‘having sufficient power’ to grant arms,—feudal lords, commanders of armies.  Along with  Civil Law, which was otherwise known as the Roman Law, accepted in Scotland […] So in Scotlant, in the complete absence of any indication of the existence of any special law or custom, we turn for the earliest authority on the law in force with us to the pages of Bartolus a Saxo Ferrato.  […]  The law of the fourteenth century relating to armorial bearings as it is laid down by Bartolus recognises a right in any man to assume a distinctive coat of arms at his own hand, and his right to redress against any one who afterwards adopts the same arms to his detriment


Having Ancestors  from heralders, Kings of Arms and Lord Lyon’s .. my 16th Grand Uncle Sir James Balfour Lord Lyon  (1600-1657) was described

“ane expert and graduate herauld in blazing of cotts and armories, in inventing of crests and supporters, in searching of genealogies and discents, in marshalling of funeralls, triumphs, and inaugurations, etc., and in all ceremonies whatsoever pertaining to honour or amies.”

I have inherited his skills…

A Coat of Arms is the original identifying moniker , the OG  Trademark NFT that distinguishes you from anyone else!  You will also get an official certificate and will be on the register of cofrestr herodrol yr hen ogledd  (register of roll of arms.. Website under construction)   Using your surnames we dive into genealogy and history to find your family origins, it is then incorporated to represent your occupation if fitting The heraldry I design are unique shields that stand out  incorporated with charges (specific identifiers) I have granted over 1 dozen arms and responses have been great from..

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“ I cried after watching your beautiful work. Thank you very much! You are a very talentuous artist.”

“This is so beautiful”

“You’re Smokin”

“This is amazing”

“Oh, wow!  I love that!  Isn’t it beautiful”

Amongst many other comments…


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Below are some examples of arms

Each crest will be emailed to you along with the certificate of authenticity   it will also me sent to you printed out via post.

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