Discover Your Celtic Roots~ Genealogy




Historian and Genealogist Baron Otter will research your family tree to find out what Clans you are related to, along with your Scottish, Welsh, Irish and yes English and Nordic Roots that flow through your veins.   Spending the past 45 odd years researching his own family tree and being able to trace back multiple branches all the way back to the Kings Of the Old North and beyond, Baron Otter has always loved family history, lore along with the roots, the truth behind family stories.   From the entomology of surnames , to the real roots of clans to the famous and the infamous ancestors and kin that are in your family tree Baron Otter will discover i

As an added bonus you will get a personalised coat of arms based on your ancestry as Baron Otter is a Heraldic artist who has the right to grant arms under an old Writ of 1417 that gives Feudal Lords the power to grant arms

If you have Right of Claim to any dormant title we will include that with the process of how to claim it

If you are a member of the well born  aka Y Bonheddwyr of the Old North that includes Wales  that will be included as well

The process of discovering ancestors, records and digging into your past takes anywhere from 4- 6 weeks depending on how far you want to go back, typically branches can  be traced back anywhere from 400 to 800 years although sometimes we hit  dead end. If we hit a dead end on one tree we will continue on the next

You will receive a list of ancestors, along with links  and copies of photos too

Once you select this service you will get a questioner asking for some basic information that is needed in order to do research