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Those that are new to Scottish Highland dress often ask, ‘what is a fly plaid?’. In years gone by, the traditional kilt was often much larger and longer than it was today, with the tartan plaid being wrapped around the waist before throwing the tartan over the shoulder.

As the function and size of modern kilts evolved, less fabric was required and the extension over the shoulder was no longer necessary. In modern Highland wear, the fly plaid is an additional element of the classic outfit worn to reflect rich Scottish history without bulky excess fabric wrapping around the body.

First-time wearers then begin to wonder about how to wear a fly plaid. Before the fly plaid is even worn, the tartan swatch of the fly plaid should be identical to the kilt. Therefore, it is best to order the fly plaid at the same time as the kilt to ensure they match exactly. By ordering the items separately, you cannot be sure that the dye batch or weaver is the same, meaning there may be some slight variations.

Once the tartan of the fly plaid and kilt is perfectly matched, it is time to put it on. The fly plaid is customarily worn over the left shoulder, sitting at breast level. When worn over the shoulder, the fly plaid should fall behind the wearer and hang just a small distance below the length of the kilt.

To attach the fly plaid to the shoulder of your Prince Charlie or Argyle jacket, layout the fly plaid on a flat surface before choosing a corner to rest on your shoulder. Fold the two adjacent corners inwards and turn the fly plaid over. Some fly plaids may come with one corner that is already gathered and sewn in place for this purpose, making the process simpler for first-time wearers.

You must then either place the fabric on your shoulder or pull it through your epaulette, before securing it in place with a fly plaid brooch.



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