Origins and Etymology for your Surname in Heraldry


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Discover the Origins and Etymology for your Surname in Heraldry. Discover ancestors and how your surname came about be it  from place to patronym, trade to clan association not only in Scotland but the countries that not many know have a clan system.  It is a great way to connect to history and heritage .  Combining Heraldry, Genealogy and History we dive into the past and bring it to life in something tangible and beautiful for you to treasure.  Once your order is placed we will contact you for some basic information that is needed to begin.  The whole process takes about a fortnight.

A Heraldic chart will be created based on research on your surname(s)  that lead to you.  As a bonus you will also get your own personalised Coat Of Arms that is granted in Law via the Writ of 1417 that gives feudal Lords the power to grant arms. 


Historian, Genealogist  and Heraldic Artist Allen, Lord Gwyddelwern, holder of a Welsh Feudal Lordship and ancestor of heralders include 11th great Uncle King of Arms and Lord Lyon’s .. Sir James Balfour Lord Lyon  (1600-1657) was described “ane expert and graduate herauld in blazing of cotts and armories, in inventing of crests and supporters, in searching of genealogies and discents, in marshalling of funeralls, triumphs, and inaugurations, etc., and in all ceremonies whatsoever pertaining to honour or amies.”  I have inherited his skills…  Whilst some of my designs have been described as not traditional I do adhere to the one rule that each heraldic design must be unique


You will receive  your chart  and personalised Coat Of Arms via PDF