Poseidon By Himeros






All our luxurious cock rings and glans rings are made of tungsten carbide – one of the hardest materials known to man. Tungsten carbide reaches level 9 on the Mohs hardness scale and is only bested by diamond on level 10. High hardness also means outstanding durability – our cock rings will never get scratched or lose their shine.

Tungsten carbide has another exceptional property – high density. With twice the density of stainless steel and a density close to that of pure gold, our cock rings feel much heavier than expected. Added heft feels amazing when worn around your most intimate parts.

To ensure the best possible fit Himeros cock rings are offered in various sizes. The internal diameter of rings changes in increments of 2 mm.

The most common sizes that fit most men are 48 mm and 50 mm. For the best effect, cock rings must fit just right: not too tight and not too loose. To make sure you select the correct size, please follow the instructions.


How to measure a cock ring correctly? Take your measuring tool (string, fabric ribbon or tailor tape, etc.) and wrap it around the base of your penis behind your scrotum. The wrap should be tight, but not too tight to uncomfortably squeeze your skin into wrinkles.


Mark the overlap, straighten out your measuring tool and measure the distance between markings (this is your circumference). You can use inches or millimetres.


 We will calculate the best size circumference  taking into account the optimal squeeze our cock rings must provide to ensure the perfect fit.


 Once your order We will email to confirm get your measurements 


 These are hand made, top of the line cock rings


Includes shipping