Weave A Tartan


Weave Any Kilt





Have any tartan woven,  our Mill Partner has been weaving tartans for over 60 years.

the Master Weaver does everything by sight, which is the traditional way to weave a tartan, there are no computers this is one old school loom

Once you order we will contact you via email to see what tartan you want woven you can email a photo of the tartan you want woven to Baron Otter at amgcpv@gmail.com

The whole process takes aprox 6-8 weeks depending on the pattern

Once woven  you get one kilt for free then additional kilts are $99

You can use AFFIRM to weave a tartan which will allow you to pay over time  ..interest free~  just tic that option at check out

The photos on display are from our Mill that we partner with