Weave A Tartan / Special Orders

Ideal for families, different branches of the clan, sport teams, bands, pipers or whatever 
Just Kilt Me is partnered up with a Tartan Weaving Mill which means we can have any tartan Woven as long as it has no restrictions You can find all registered tartans at the Scottish Tartan Registry 
or You can design your own Tartan and we can help you register it and you can have it woven.
When designing a tartan go with colours that have a connection with your family either favourite colours, in coat of arms, from certain regions, are you from by the sea or the fields…  Make it personal
You do not have to have it registered but if you do there are some restrictions   
Click the link below to go to the tartan designer website!
For select special kilts and enquiries email amgcpv@gmail.com for price packages.

All packages include the weaving and X number of Kilts