What Kilt To Wear…..

The question I get a lot is what kilt should I wear? Simple answer ….any one that catches your fancy… more complicated answer the one that is associated with your family. Another question I get is how do I know what family to wear? General rule is you start with the one that is closest in your tree, then go to the next one in your tree and so on and so forth. See once you have one Scottish clan in your tree you are pretty much either directly or indirectly related to most or all of them either by direct marriage of a marriage of a distant aunt or uncle or cousin. If you are Irish or Welsh you have Scot’s in your tree too, there is a deep historical and genealogical connection between Scotland, Ireland and Wales that travels down to Cornwall and across the Channel to Brittany too.

Now if you do not think you have a Scottish clan in your tree think again so many went over to the continent too (European that is) to serve in armies, in royal courts or to live (as only the eldest got everything) Lots of Scottish clans have their origins in Flanders (present day Netherlands and surround areas) Denmark, Norway, France and Germany, If you want to really genetically technical and as a genealogist I love doing this… if you have ONE European ancestor (and most everyone does) you are a descendant of Eighty Percent of everyone who was alive in Europe about 800 to 900 years ago, From the clans of the Highlands to the Royal court of France to the guy that swept the floor of the cathedral in Italy to the Stable hand in Germany to the Viking in the Norse countries. It is called the Identical Ancestor Point. It is a mathematical equation that was devised over 30 years ago or so. The more generations you go back and most only have to go back four or five generations and you will find the same ancestor appears multiple times aka the cross over,….aka the further you go back the more people you are related to but the less people there are in the world.

23andMe and AncestryDNA will only go back about 150 to 250 or so years in your DNA it’s called autosomal DNA, Sure there are more expensive ones but those cost a lot of money and most can not afford that. So if you get your results back and do not see Scottish or Irish have no fear it is there. That’s why doing you family tree’s are very important too.

Remember everyone looks good in a Kilt… about 90 percent of every one you run into will love you kilt. You will look classic and Dapper~ So no matter the weather Kilt UP!